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Why is a Father’s Blessing So Important?

Why is a Father’s Blessing So Important?

Sep 23, 2011

Words matter. That fact is words are powerful. Whoever taught us “sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never harm me”, lied. The Bible teaches us “death and life are in the power of the tongue”. We have the power to speak life into people and we have the power to speak death as well. I’d say that’s pretty powerful! When God spoke, the heavens and the earth were created. In fact, you could argue that the spoken word might be one of the most powerful things in existence. So, it stands to reason that words people say matter. They are powerful. Is this why hearing words of blessing from one of the most important people in our lives, our father, have such a great impact on us?

How our father feels about us, what he thinks about us, and most importantly what he says to us, has a powerful impact. As I continue to research and ask why the father’s blessing makes such a difference in our lives, I’ve asked a ton of questions. I mean a lot of questions. Why? I want to know why. Teach me why! I’m writing a book here! I’ve got to get to the bottom of this. Why is it so important? Is there a clear answer or do we just accept it in faith? After years of research I discovered the answer is…both. There is a supernatural aspect to the father’s blessing that only God can fully comprehend and explain. The supernatural power of God is the only explanation to the miracles I have seen as a result of the Father’s Blessing. Ok, I get that. I choose to believe by faith. But what about the part of the blessing that we can understand with our limited minds? What is it about the father’s blessing that we can figure out based on the facts?

After years of professional pondering, one day this hit me. When you strip everything away from our lives and focus in on our most basic, foundational need, what’s most important? When you strip everything away and drill down to the center of our soul, what to do we crave the most? My answer…to be loved. I thought about what is the most important, most valuable, most critical “thing” that I need. After some thought, it came down to… love. I want to love others and I want to be loved. Love. That’s it. Love. (I feel a song coming on)

Now, if I had a choice, who would I prefer to be loved by? I can show love to anyone. But who are the most important people for me to love? Answer. I want to love my family, and I want to be loved by them as well. It all goes back to our families. No surprise right? Stay with me here…

So for my father, one of the most important people in my life, to speak words that communicates that he loves me (my most basic need), is the most powerful thing a person can do for someone.

Could it be the reason why the father’s blessing is so powerful is because it’s the most important person in my life, fulfilling the most critical need in my life, by employing the most powerful force in universe, the spoken word?

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  1. I’m 57 years old – why do I still yearn to know my father’s love and to have his hand of blessing upon my life? I have longed for this all these years but God, my Father is healing me. I have found great comfort in Ps 139:5 where in one translation it says;
    “You hem me in – behind and before. Your hand of blessing is upon my head”. That knowledge soothes and comforts me beyond words.

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