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What if Abraham took Isaacs’ cell phone away?

What if Abraham took Isaacs’ cell phone away?

Aug 6, 2011

The Heavenly Father has set the example and precedent for the father’s blessing. The patriarchs of the Old Testament, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob clearly understood the power of the father’s blessing AND practiced it!

Why did we stop practicing this? Where in history did the trail go stale?

Who knows? It’s hard to say for sure.

What I do know is that with all of the crazing teachings we are exposed to, maybe confusion set in and distracted us. Satan is the author of confusion and would love nothing more than to convince us that the father’s blessing is nothing more than a useless myth. Another fad. A hoax!

I think back to Biblical times and the lives these people led, and I am amazed. They didn’t have the distractions that we do today. Abraham, while having his plate full, I’m sure didn’t worry about his children being abducted at the mall or whether they were being exposed to porn on the Internet. No, he had a completely different set of priorities and problems to focus on. My point? Life as we know it is much different than the Old Testament. Duh?!

That may be why we don’t practice the Father’s Blessing either. Back in biblical times, instead of watching TV for 5 hours a day, children would spend more time interacting with their families, and their fathers. Today we are bombarded with all kinds of distractions. TV, radio, Internet, video games, cell phones, texting, facebook, twitter, and more. We are constantly being drawn from one thing to the next. It’s a wonder we all don’t have A.D.D. Very few families that I know take the time to slow things down and connect with their families and children without a fight. We have become addicted to action. We have to fight to slow down and connect.

Can you imagine Abraham telling Isaac to turn the TV down? Or Isaac asking Jacob to stop texting so much and rejoin civilization? No these dads had a more simple life with presumably less issues to deal with. But one thing they had much more of, was an audience with their children. I can imagine sitting around a fire at night trying to stay warm with your parents, brothers and sisters. There was no TV, no radio, no cell phone, no ipad, no video games, and no addictions. What was there? There was each other. Can you imagine the bond that you developed with your family after spending this much time with them? I know that some of you are thinking you would have probably try to kill each other, right? It’s hard to get your children to set still for ten minutes with scratching each other eyes out, right? I don’t think so. Because, when your families entire existence depended on everyone doing their part, there share, pulling your own weight, I believe a bond is developed that most of us are not able to attain in today’s world.

Could this be why a father’s blessing meant so much more to children back in this time? It’s all they knew? All families talked to each other. There was no chance of the children hearing or seeing any trash on TV or radio to distract or poison their minds and hearts. Moms and dads where much more active in the children’s lives. They had no choice! If you were a kid in this day you couldn’t get mad and stomp off in a huff to your room and slam the door and turn the TV on. You might have lived in a house with only one room if you lived in a house at all! They were forced to bond. Their survival depended on it.

Nowadays, with two parents working, school, extra curricular activities like sports, lessons, TV, facebook, the Internet, video games, and all the other modern day toys/responsibilities/conveniences/distracts/addictions, the time we spend with our children is much different if not non existent.

We live in a different time, a different world, with different challenges. It’s important not to use this excuse. It’s critical now more than ever, that we MAKE the time with our children to give them what they desperately need. In biblical times, a strong father-child relationship was a given. Today a strong, healthy father-child relationship seems to be more of the exception. God help us.


  1. Hi Billy,
    I went to France and talked about the Father’s blessing. I shared my story how God restore my heart towards my father and vice versa. To make my story very short, several years I got on my knees before my father and asked for his blessing. He blessed me and something incredible happen to me inside my heart. I totally support your ministry and I know what you are saying is true. After sharing my story in France, countless people were overwhelmed with the love of our Father, tears were flowing and lives were transformed.

  2. You have blessed me.

  3. Dougla Raine /

    Hi Billy,

    Three men came forward Thursday night in jail to receive a Father’ blessings.


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