Impart The Blessings of God to your Children

Welcome to Fathers!

Welcome to Fathers!

Nov 11, 2009

Since God has shown me the importance of ministering a father’s blessing to those who have never received a blessing from their earthly fathers, I have discovered the impact this blessing can make on a person’s life, including my own. I have seen broken hearts mended, broken relationships restored, demonic walls torn down and Heaven’s window of Divine favor opened in people’s lives!

The father’s blessing is one of the most meaningful things a father can do for his children. It is clearly a stabilizing force in a child’s life.

Imparting a father’s blessing is a privilege and duty given to every father by God, bringing a child into a closer relationship with his/her earthly father and the Heavenly Father.

You will find this website a helpful motivation and guide for imparting a God-ordained blessing to your family!

I call you blessed!

Billy O’Neal


  1. Amazing story billy , Thanks for sharing <3
    ginger , MerrY CHRTSTmas to You!

  2. nick wahrer /

    this is so awesome; I too have been learning of the Father’s Blessing over the past few years. I minister healing and deliverance primarily emotionally healing and at the end of the process i always ask if they have ever been blessed by their dad, and they usually say no…when i learned of this blessing a few years ago i called my dad and asked him to bless me, I will be 65 years old this May 1, 2011 and he blessed me, i explained what it was about, he felt awkward at first i could tell but he did he..
    for many over 35 i have been working with alcoholics and drug addicts (as i got sober in AA Dec 10 1974) what i discovered at the half way houses and treatment centers i have been to i have been told by most if not all, they would say “if it was not for my grandmother praying for me i would not be here.”
    God Bless you for your work with this website and ministry.

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