Impart The Blessings of God to your Children

Best Christmas Gift Ever!

Best Christmas Gift Ever!

Dec 11, 2012

As we quickly approach Christmas I am reminded of all the different gifts that have been exchanged over the years. Specifically I am thinking of all of the gifts my wife and I have given to our children. The range of gifts spans the financial spectrum of expensive to thrifty. They were all appreciated and used for their intended purpose for the most part. But, in the end, they were all pretty much forgotten over time…except for one.

Please take a look at the picture above this blog post. That is my son Ryan and daughter Rachel. As I look back at all the time, all the wonderful Christmas mornings we have spent together. There is no gift I have ever given them that has meant more than my love, my attention, my praise, my encouragement, in a word…my blessing.

This Christmas don’t get hung up on all of the material trappings. It’s not an easy thing to do! Believe me, I know. This Christmas give a gift that will never be forgotten. This Christmas give a gift that is more valuable than anything you could buy. This Christmas give a gift that will long outlast any other.

Formally, audibly, purposely pronounce a father’s blessing on your children.
You will be giving a Christmas gift that will last forever.

Merry Christmas!

Billy O’Neal

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