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Oprah’s New Age Counselor Talks Father’s Blessing

Oprah’s New Age Counselor Talks Father’s Blessing

Jan 10, 2013

Don’t freak out. I am not a follower of the church of Oprah. I did however stumble across a show called “Fix my Life” with a lady named Iyanla Vanzant one day counseling a reality star on the OWN network (Oprah’s Network)

Now with all of the crazy stuff on television nowadays, from Honey Boo Boo to the Real Housewives of wherever, you never know what you will run across on TV. I was prompted to watch this for a second because of the style of which Iyanla used to counsel which I can relate to. She was brutally honest and in your face about making you deal with your issues. Too bad she is not a Christian. I am praying she comes to know the only true God.

But before I could turn the channel I was intrigued to watch this lady tell her client that the root cause of her issues was the lack of a father’s blessing. Now she didn’t use the words “father’s blessing”, but that’s what she meant. She traced this woman’s issues back to the root cause of the lack of love, acceptance, and forgiveness from her father. In essence, a father’s blessing.

Why is this important? Because I have been saying for years that the fathers blessing is a human need, not just a Christian need. This is just another confirmation of that. We are all born with it. Whether you are Christian or not, God made us the same way and wired us with the same needs. Call it what you will. Spin it how you wish; we all yearn for the blessing of our father.

All of these crazy counterfeit movements and new age religions may PROFESS to know the how to “Fix your life.”

But we as followers of Christ we know the truth.

By the way, I’m not advocating watching Oprah or her channel, so relax.

I’m advocating to get and/or give your father’s blessing.

Until next time…I call you blessed.

Billy O’Neal

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