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A Solders Fathers Blessing Makes The News…

Billy you shared something that impacted my life ….I remember attending a workshop you were giving the first weekend of March, 2007 at Trinity Chapel. Donna Taylor (who I met in Israel in December of 2006 along with Janet Cain) invited me to attend the Eagles Wings conference called, “Advancing the Kingdom”. Chuck Pierce and Joseph Garlington were there along with Robert Stearns. That weekend was a real breakthrough for me! I was prompted to attend your workshop one afternoon. While you were teaching about real estate investments you shared about the importance of receiving the blessing from your father. When I heard this my spirit leaped within! I knew immediately that was something I was missing.   A few weeks later I called my Dad and shared the experience I had at your workshop and asked if he would speak a father’s blessing over me. He agreed and decided to spend some time in prayer to hear the Father’s heart so he would know how to bless me. We finally got together in September of 2007 and that was one of the most sacred moments in my life! I have a written copy and a tape recording of my fathers blessing, so that at anytime I can be recount the power released that day over me. I want to thank you for sharing this during that workshop. God spoke through you and it made a difference in my life!   Blessings to you & yours, Susan B. Lavoie
Its Never Too Late – Blessing Generations Testimony

Joey USA
Billy, I just wanted to thank you again for being obedient to GOD. This conference was the best that Katrina and I have ever been to. It was truly a life changing experience for both of us. I love you and thank GOD for you. You are a man that is gifted in many areas. You have helped me in so many ways. You have the gift of encouragement, compassion and a gift to see other people changed to advance the kingdom of GOD. You have opened are eyes to see that GOD is not a respecter of persons if he can do it for you he WILL do it for us. You have continued to pour into both of our lives. Thank you and Karen for helping us get into a beautiful home where we can expand our ministry. Katrina is so fired up about her ministry and all the things that she learned at the conference. She described the way she feels like giving birth, it is trying to come out and she has to fight to keep it in long enough to get her place ready to write and begin everything that GOD is doing. We are both very honored and excited that you have agreed to join with us in this opportunity to see millions of people changed and set free. I cannot begin to describe in length the way my life was changed at the conference without crying every time. I was set free a while back during my Elijah House Class from the judgments that I had made towards my father and those empty places were filled with the gifts and love of the HOLY SPIRIT. GOD has allowed me to pray the fathers blessing over many women and my own son. I have seen many people changed because of it but I questioned if I had received mine from the person that stood in for my father when I had asked for him to forgive me. I received my fathers blessing on 5/6/06 when you led us in a corporate prayer. It was as if my father had his hands on me and it was all I could do to keep from exploding as I sat in my seat. It did not even sound like you praying it was my Father in heaven. I am weeping even now because every time I think of that moment I know that my Father blesses me and I have truly felt the hands of GOD touch my face. Thank you and your family for everything that you mean to us. In Christ, Joey