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Is “Field of Dreams” Movie about a Father’s Blessing?

Is “Field of Dreams” Movie about a Father’s Blessing?

Apr 18, 2011

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As you may know there is a feature film set to be released in September that deals with the subject of Father’s standing up boldly and becoming the men God created them to be. It’s called “Courageous” and you can see the preview on this page. While working on a sermon I am preparing, I believe God showed me another insight on the Father’s Blessing. And it came to me as I was watching one of my all time favorite movies “Field of Dreams”.

As crazy as it may sound on the surface, I believe the key parts of this film are a blueprint to getting a father’s blessing. At least it was to me. Let me explain…

First of all, if you haven’t seen the Movie “Field of Dreams” you need to rent it or better yet, buy it! It was nominated for three Academy Awards, including best picture. It is considered the best baseball movie ever made. And the AFI released that is in the top ten movies EVER made in the fantasy genre category. Basically, it’s a great movie.

But, IT’S NOT ABOUT BASEBALL! If anything, Field of Drams tainted me about Major League Baseball even more. When I see the characters in this movie playing ball for the love of the game, compared to today’s spoiled brat millionaires fighting with out of touch billionaires, it disgusts me. But let’s not go down that rabbit trail…

This movie touches men of all ages at a deeper level than just baseball. It’s about taking risk, sacrifice, entrepreneurship, and doing what you know is right even when everyone thinks you are crazy. The reason this movie is so successful, the reason this movie remains a classic over twenty years later, the reason it’s one of the few movies I can watch once a year and not get tired of it, the reason this movie turns some of the hardest men into crybabies is not because of a silly game. No, it goes much deeper than that.

This movie is about the father-son relationship, one of the most powerful and meaningful forces in the world. This movie wraps the story of baseball around a father and son reunion. A reunion that could never happen in real life, but we are sooooo glad it happens at the end of this movie!

Now I’m a crier. Period. I cry over just about anything if it moves me and I don’t care who knows it. I am the butt of jokes from my own children because of my emotions! But this movie has made men that you would never see cry turn into Niagara Falls!

But why? Why does this get to us at such a deep and profound level?

I think it’s because God has placed inside all of us, not just Christians, but all humans, the basic fundamental desire to have our Father’s Blessing.

There! I said it! I think the power of this movie is the father’s blessing (reconciliation) at the end. I really do!

Watch the final scene of this movie and see if you agree…

I call you blessed!

Billy O’Neal


I have also found similarities of this movie and my own journey to get my father’s blessing. I will tell you how and why when we meet again. Until then…Bless someone!


  1. Hey Billy,

    I really enjoyed your site and blog here. Look forward to reading more. I agree that the blessing of the Father is pivotal in the life of any human being. Wow.. for the child to ask for the Father’s blessing..awesome concept.

  2. admin /

    Thanks Calvin!

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