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Is President Obama living under a curse?!

Is President Obama living under a curse?!

Oct 15, 2011

Think a father’s blessing isn’t that important? Just ask a man who was abandoned by not just one father but two, President Obama. It is a fact that our President was abandoned by his father as an infant and by his stepfather at age 10.

What affect does this have on our President?

Simply put, he could be living under a curse. Remember, what’s the opposite of a blessing?

Imagine the leader of the free world living under a curse.

I think that’s kinda important to know, don’t you? I mean, this could answer a lot of questions about the man and his philosophy.

Is our country suffering because of it?

How would he be different if he had the blessing of his father?

How would he be different if he had the love of his father?

In his younger years, don’t you think he could have used a dad to talk to? What about now!

Please continue to pray for our President. I now know he needs our prayers more than ever.



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  1. NJ Mitchell /

    Having studied extensively the biblical conditions of ‘blessings’ and ‘curses’, I would encourage you to tread very carefully on who is ‘cursed’ and who is not. There have been attempts over the centuries to call a whole ‘nationality’ cursed because of an erroneous, interpretation of biblical passages.
    Our President represents a number of those who did not grow up with a ‘biological’ Father’s Blessing, however, I believe you make a grave mistake to stretch this scenario and label these ones ‘cursed’. Tread very, very lightly.

  2. Gititi /

    All BIG men have their history. Often God uses those things that are ignoble for noble use to shame the noble. If God uses you, you are weak. God does this to ensure that He does it and not you. God is the Father to the fatherless, so He is President Obama’s father, and what God has blessed no man can curse. President Obama is blessed.

  3. LewisHemphill /

    I have a problem with saying a man is cursed because of his father and stepfather abandoning him. I am from a single parent home, abandoned by both father and stepfather, but at 68 yrs old, I am retired after a successful career, married to the same woman for 38 yrs, have 9 children, 20 grandchildren, 10 great grands, associate pastor of a very blessed church, and I voted for Obama. He may have inherited a cursed situation, but the man is not cursed. Neither am I.

  4. I voted for Obama. He seemed very passionate for the American people and we are all on our journey to higher places with God. Thank God for the prayers of the saints and Calvary. I think what Billy is really saying is that along Obama’s path there has been some ungodly decisions that The Word is very clear about such as abortion and gay marraIge. These 2 issues alone are a direct hit on family principles according to our Lord. I would not say that believing in these 2 issues are rights or would be a fathers blessing. Are unborn babies are cursed, and gay marraige is confusing our youth as to the order of God in what was intended. There were many examples in the bible where at one time or another the great men of the chapters were cursed because of their decisions. King David killed a man after sleeping with a soldiers wife. Moses enjoyed the sins of Egypt for a season, Sampson lost his strength to Delila. King Solomon the wisest man of all turned to idols after being quoted as the wisest king. But in the end God’s grace was sufficient for them all. We can invite cursings into our life because of our disobedience. I believe that was what Billy was asking us to think about. Men, your children need your true blessing.

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