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He Didn’t Have To Be.

I want to take a moment to honor some of the unsung heroes in the world today, “Step” Fathers. Somehow they seem to get cast in some unfavorable light when we hear about them on TV or in movies. But in reality, many of them are heroes. I know mine is.

I want to declare today to all of the men who have stepped up and stepped in to raise a family and to care for a wife when another man stepped out, THANK YOU. WE HONOR YOU. YOU ARE APPRECIATED!

My dad is one of these men. I stopped calling him my step dad a long time ago when I realized he cared for me as much or more as my biological dad. There is nothing “step” about him!

When others saw a single lady with four children (the oldest was 8 years old) who worked as waitress and fed her kids with government assistance, my dad saw a smoking hot woman who had four children who needed a dad. Can you say “hero”?

They soon married and began a journey that has now lasted over 40 years!

My dad made less than $100 a week when they married and was raising 4 children! Unbelievable. I have two kids today and $100 won’t hardly fill up the gas tank of my truck. I admire how they stretched a dollar. We were basically broke, but I never knew it. As far as I can remember, we had EVERYTHING we needed and most of what we wanted.

I am thankful and impressed by the perseverance of my mother and father. I now realize it could not have been easy raising our bunch!

I am inspired by the way my “step” dad treated my biological dad. Even though he was hated, mocked, cussed out, and generally minimized from bio dad, he never let it get to him. I NEVER heard one negative word said about my bio father even though he was constantly attacked by him. Recently, when I reconciled with my bio dad, my dad welcomed him with open arms to family functions and get togethers. Pure class.

I could write a book about the man. (and just might one day) He was and is a blessing from God.

“Looking back all I can say about all the things he did for me, is I hope I can be half the dad he didn’t have to be”

I love you dad.

Thanks for taking care of me, my brothers and sister, my mom, countless nieces and nephews, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

You’re my hero.



They call them “step” fathers because they have the COURAGE to STEP UP when others step away.

You are all heroes to me.


  1. Daniel Hulsey Jr. /

    Thanks Billy!

  2. Junko Pan /

    He sure is a hero, I feel!! And I honor him, too. I’m inspired by this article!

  3. GREAT Post and AWESOME Video!

    Thank You Billy!!


  4. Sally /

    What an awesome tribute. I absolutely loved this. Happy Father’s Day to you and your Hero Dad!
    Thanks for Sharing!

  5. Christopher Candy /

    My stepfather, William Pike (Bill) was one of these men also.
    he helped raise my sister and I from the time we were 3 and 5 untill his
    untimely passing in 2012. When I was 29 … my sister was 31.

  6. BillyOneal /

    Christopher, I trust you share a love and respect for your stepfather as I do for mine. Thanks for commenting.

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