The Power and Importance of a
         Father's Blessing
"Death and Life are in the power of the tongue..."

          "The most important gift you could ever give your children"

       This book explains how God and the patriarchs of the Bible, 
                   clearly SPOKE blessings, and how you can too!

You’ll Learn:

  • Why it's every father's responsibility to bless his children! 
  • Why Father's must step up and speak blessing and life into our children! They are depending on us!
  • Billy O'Neal's powerful testimony of  finding his estranged father after 15 years and asking for his  blessing!
  • How ANY father, regardless of what they have done in the past, can bless his children!
  • And much, much more!
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Billy O'Neal

About the Author

Billy O’Neal is a husband, father, real estate investor, author, speaker and serial entrepreneur who has a passion for helping others realize their true potential. Billy is known for encouraging his family, friends, and clients to step out boldly to be what God has called them to be. He believes that God is anxiously waiting for us to take a few risks so that He can bless us. Billy lives with his wife of 27 years, Karen, and their family in Atlanta, Ga.