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Father’s Blessing has Profound Impact on Douglas Raine- Founder of

Father’s Blessing has Profound Impact on Douglas Raine- Founder of

Jul 4, 2011


Good morning,

I received a father’s blessing in 1992 at a FGBMFI regional convention in Oklahoma City. John Schmook stood in for my father who had passed away in 1976. My father was a very private person and didn’t talk about his past. He was not a Christian, but a man of integrity. When my family visited my parents for the Christmas holidays in 1975 my dad weighed 210 pounds. In August 1976 I received a call from my mother to come home right away. Dad had a very aggressive cancer and was down to 125 pounds. The week before my father died he told me everything about himself. His father had abandoned his children after his wife died. The three children were individually farmed out to foster homes. As my dad shared his biography, I could see why he didn’t know how to be a father because he didn’t have a father. For the first time in my life I had compassion for my father and the only thing I could think of to say was that I love you dad.

I continued to make all the same mistakes until I was forced to be a father.

Here a portion of my testimony.

Do My Will – Douglas Raine

With my education and my military active duty commitment completed, I launched my business career and started my family in 1966. My life was committed to my business and hobbies. By world’s standards I was a success.

For 39 years I worked for Blue Chip chemical companies developing sales and marketing strategies to solve industrial corrosion problems with composites.

This market was huge as over one billion dollars were spent per year in the USA on corrosion. Our products saved industries millions of dollars with low maintenance fiberglass process equipment. My technical expertise, experience and excellent track record for solving corrosion problems in the chemical process, pulp and paper, semiconductor, power, oil and gas industries gained industry recognition and respect.

However, there was a price to pay. My 84 hour work schedule destroyed my relationship with my family. On July 2, 1984, my wife of 18 years said, “I’m leaving. You can have the kids and the farm.” And she left. I didn’t know how to be a father, but I was going to try. The stress in my life caused my first stroke in 1986. I began to seek God for help. My life was in shambles.

While attending a meeting in October 1987, I was experiencing my second stroke. The pressure in my head was so great I thought it would explode all over the back of the room. In my desperation before I thought I was dying, I called out to Jesus and said, “You can have all of me!” Immediately Jesus spoke to me and said, “Do my will.” He was calling me to obedience. The pressure in my head left as I was standing in the presence of a Holy God.

As I though what is you will, Jesus replied “As I have forgiven you, so must you forgive others.” Then I saw a film strip with a picture in each frame of a person I had not forgiven. My dad was on the first frame. I said “Father I forgive them all.” Immediately I felt the love of the Father. It was incredible. I felt clean as He washed away all my corrosion and gave me new life and spiritual gifts. I did not know the purpose or how to use these new gifts. Two weeks later in November 1987 I asked the Lord for three things:

1. Is there someone for me?,

2. Help me raise my children,

3. Please send me a mentor.

As I made Jesus savior and Lord, he restored my health, family, and business. Jesus changed my direction in life. He taught me to love him with all my heart, mind and soul, and to love my neighbor as myself. In April 1988 while attending a Wednesday evening dinner, I saw a glow surrounding a lady. Was she the one Lord? And instantly He put love in my heart for her and we were married in September 1988. My wife’s prayer was “Lord, send to me a suitable husband even if you have to raise him from the dead.”

The Lord started to remove the rebellion from my children and the Lord was teaching me how to be a father.

My third prayer request was answered in January 1989 – the need for a mentor. While entering a men’s prayer breakfast the Holy Spirit instructed me to pray with a man. This man was the local FGB president and he mentored me for the next 10 years. We prayed together every Saturday and Sunday morning between 6:00-7:00 AM and during the week by phone.

While being mentored local university students started coming to me asking to be discipled. They wanted to know how to experience God in their lives.

This small beginning became my passion to take the message of hope to our community, state, nation and world.

I wanted to make spiritual investments in our future generations. My message on forgiveness ends with me standing in as their father to pray a blessing over them.

God Bless,

Douglas Raine

FGBMFA Outreach Director

And founder of

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