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Father’s Blessing Book Intro

Father’s Blessing Book Intro

Jul 23, 2011



“What is a Father’s Blessing?” You may be asking yourself. Where did it come from? Is it Biblical? Or is it just something that a well-meaning Christian leader made up or interpreted in the last few years? The truth is, the history of the Father’s Blessing extends back to our Heavenly Father, who set the precedence for it. For me personally, the Father’s Blessing I received from my own dad a few years ago radically changed my life. It set off a series of chain reactions, opening up an awareness of the Father’s Blessings that I had never known was possible. I see the affects of receiving it, or not receiving it all the time now as I meet and get to know people in my day to day life. When I sense or see various problems or issues in a persons life, I wonder what is the root cause for it? Time after time, the answer usually points directly to the relationship that they have with their father.

I have been surprised to learn that the Father’s Blessing does not only apply to Christians. I believe that people from all walks of life can receive this blessing because God put inside each of us a fundamental need to be loved, to be accepted, to be forgiven, to be wanted, to belong, and to connect with our Father. It’s in our DNA. We can’t help it. It’s not just a Christian need, it’s a human need. When these basic needs—these fundamental, foundational needs—are not met, then life itself becomes a journey of finding the fulfillment of these needs. Unfortunately, that journey can, and often does, go in many destructive directions. For some women, the journey can lead to promiscuity, to pornography, to bouncing from man to man, among other things, looking for the love that she didn’t get from her Father. For a man void of his father’s blessing, he pours himself into his work to be recognized, acknowledged, and given worth which often can appear natural. He will search his whole life to fill the void only a father love can fill. For kids, gangs can be appealing. In every nation, every city, every neighborhood, there are children who will do just about anything to have someone, anyone, tell them, “We love you. You’re special to us. You belong to us.”

When a persons basic, fundamental needs are met through the blessing, a whole new level of pure and healthy relational life opens up. No longer are we relying on our mate to fulfill our basic need of a fathers love. I believe many marriages are doomed to fail because we expect the gaping hole in our soul to be filled by our spouse. When the reality sets in that it’s impossible for any husband or wife to fulfill this need, the couple either splits up, lives together in an unhealthy relationship, or goes on a quest to find out what the real issue is. On the contrary, people who have their fathers blessing don’t look to their spouse to fulfill this need and I believe have a much better chance of a long marriage because of it. It’s like the are saying;

“I have my fundamental needs met. I’m OK. I don’t need to get my worth from you. I’m happy. I’m whole. I’m loved. I know that. I’ve got that from my family, my father, and from God, my Heavenly Father. I wake up happy and whole every day and I don’t need you to try to make me either of those. From this starting point, let’s build a healthy relationship together. I am not depending on you to make my life,  I am partnering with you to make both of our lives better.”

I believe that when people have this perspective, their lives vastly improve or, at the very least, have an enormous chance of doing so. But people that don’t receive their Father’s Blessing spend their entire lives chasing that need—that acceptance, that confirmation, that love— instead of saying “I’m happy” and “I’m whole.” Such people are not able to excel in life like they could have. They’re stuck “looking for love in all the wrong places.” However, people that receive the Father’s Blessing already have what they need to be successful in life. They are secure. They are not needy.

The Father’s Blessing also has a supernatural element to it. The supernatural part of the blessing is something that can’t be explained, at least not by me. Throughout the Bible, there are examples of a father giving a blessing and the recipient then being supernaturally transformed and/ or having a curse removed from his life. Sadly, the Father’s Blessing has not been given much attention in the Christian community in recent years. The Father’s Blessing and all it entails must be revealed again. I believe that time has come.

So please don’t think the Father’s Blessing is another fad or a “flash in the pan” antidote or a scam designed to make some hypocrite a quick buck. As you will see through the pages of this book, the Father’s Blessing started with our Heavenly Father, was practiced by the Patriarchs of the Old Testament, and is still spoken to this day by many who are aware of its significance. So why have so many of us believers forgotten about it? Why don’t we practice it anymore? The truth is…I don’t know. What I do know is the supernatural power and importance of a fathers blessing will change your life, whether you have a growing relationship with your Heavenly Father or you feel like little more than a spiritual orphan. No more will you have to strive to find love. Love will find you! No more will invisible force fields keep you from getting to the next level in your life. No more self sabotaging success. No more generational curses. Instead, get ready to live and leave a legacy of blessings that will flow through you, your children, and your children’s children! Please read this book with an open mind and an open heart—don’t prejudge it. See for yourself; applying the Biblical principles expounded on in this book will radically transform your life forever. It did for me.

I call you blessed,

Billy O’Neal



  1. Aubrey Eaves /

    I think it’s great! Can’t wait to read more.


  2. Eric Eckert /

    Great opening. Right to the point and leaves you wanting to read what comes next. So – can’t wait to see the next chapter!

  3. Paul Trnka /

    Thanks for sharing “Your Father’s Blessing”. I agree with you that every child needs a father’s blessing. I grew up in a blended family home. My parents divorced when I was 5, and she remarried. My step-dad, his sons and I got along fine. We didn’t have much, but we were raised well. My real father I saw only once a year til I was about 16. I didn’t see him much after that. He died when I was 27. So, I didn’t really grow up with a “father” but I did have a good dad. Though – without a father’s blessing. Now, at 55, I have a 14 year old son who IS a blessing to me and I try to be a blessing to him. I also try to be to him, the father I didn’t have. I know God has his heart and his heart belongs to Him, our heavenly Father. Knowing this, it will be even more important to him for me to pass on a “Father’s Blessing”. Many thanks for putting it into words!
    Paul T.

  4. Rebecca Welch /

    I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the book. It is so needed in light of today’s broken families and single parent homes. You have captured the heart of God to heal the hearts of the children, young and old. God bless you and your project for the Father and the fathers.

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