Impart The Blessings of God to your Children

Don’t have a good relationship with your Father? Watch this…

Don’t have a good relationship with your Father? Watch this…

Jun 15, 2011

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I caught up with a friend of mine named Kirk Wilson the other day and asked him about his thoughts on Father’s Day. Kirk is an awesome man of God, a successful entrepreneur, and good friend. I have learned over time that Kirk, like many of us, did not have a good relationship with his father growing up and to this day. Knowing this, I was interested to hear his take on Father’s Day and the Father’s Blessing.

Instead of continuing that negative cycle with his children, Kirk made a decision that changed his future and the future of his children. He chose to forgive. By forgiving his father he has prepared his heart to give HIS children a father’s blessing that only a father can give. A blessing that will supernaturally fulfill a need all children yearn for.

Just because you did not get your blessing from your biological father, doesn’t mean you can’t stand up and be the father God has called you to be to YOUR children. Kirk is a great example of a dad who has the courage to stand up and say “I will” and be the father God has called him to be.

Will you have the courage to stand and be the father God has called YOU to be?

Take a stand. Bless your children. Start a new tradition of love, acceptance, and forgiveness in your family.

Make this Father’s Day a day to remember!

I call you blessed!

Billy O’Neal

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