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Dad’s Surprises Family on Father’s Day

Dad’s Surprises Family on Father’s Day

Jun 8, 2011

Father’s Day is June 19th and approaching quickly! Are you ready? My good friend Bryan Sorensen sure was last year when he gathered all his children and their spouses for an announcement of sorts.

I can imagine the thoughts going through everyone’s minds as they wondered what ole dad was up to this time. Bryan is one of the nicest people I have ever known. He is a great friend, a good husband, and I always assumed, a good father.

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Bryan’s children are all grown and married and he is a grandfather many times over. I never really thought of him as grandfather, I guess because I rarely get see him and his children together. I met him when they were all out of the house and getting married and all.

He lives in Florida, while his children and grandchildren are scattered through out Florida and Georgia. So when holidays and special occasions roll around it’s a big deal to get everyone together. I can only imagine having grand kids of my own and how that must feel to see them after a long time. Man I’m getting older…

Bryan had something special in mind this Father’s Day Sunday. He was going to pronounce a fathers blessing on his children and grand children! Not only did he bless them, but he gave each family a framed copy of the same father’s blessing you can get f.r.e.e on this very site. Just enter your name and email right below to get your copy.


I could tell Bryan was smiling from ear to ear through the phone as he was telling me about this. He said it was a day he will never forget.

Do something different this Father’s Day. Take a couple of minutes, gather your family around, tell them how much they mean to you and how much you love them.

Say it out loud dads!

I bell is not a bell until its rung.

And a blessing is not a blessing until it’s spoken!

Thanks for letting me share this story with the world Bryan. You are just as good a dad as you are a friend, and there are none better.

I call you blessed!

Billy O’Neal

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  1. Liza /

    It was a wonderful & meaningful time! We have his framed blessing on our dresser to look at every day! Thank you!

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