Impart The Blessings of God to your Children

All I want For Christmas…is a Father

All I want For Christmas…is a Father

Dec 26, 2012

A survey completed in Britain recently showed one of the top ten things children wanted for Christmas was, of all things…a father.

If you think children aren’t paying attention you’re wrong.

They know the importance of a father and his blessing…instinctively.

How? It’s the way God made us!

We are wired to NEED that love, acceptance, forgiveness, and connection with our father.

I don’t know who performed this survey but I am pretty sure it wasn’t a Christian based organization. But it shows yet again confirmation that a father blessing is a human need, not just a Christian need.

So take this opportunity to give/get your blessing this Christmas.

I call you blessed,

Billy O’Neal


Take it from me or anyone who has lost a parent this year, time is precious.

If God is laying this on your heart, DO IT NOW!

Merry Christmas!

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