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A Father’s Blessing is Life Changing

A Father’s Blessing is Life Changing

May 7, 2011

The Father’s Blessing changed my life and restored my relationship with my father whom I had not seen in 25 years. It all started when I attended a bible teaching on the Father’s Blessing. Through this class God revealed to me a family generational pattern… “absent fathers”. God showed me that as far back as I could go in my family tree, on my mother’s side of the family, and forward to the present generations, there was an absence of biological fathers; due to death, divorce, abandonment or adoption. My great-grandmother, grandmother and mother all lost their fathers when they were very young. My parent’s were divorced when I was 7 years old and I saw my father only three times from then until I was 30…then an absence of 25 years! My four daughters have been without their natural fathers due to the death of one and because of divorce of the other. And not one, of my 10 grandchildren, lives with their biological father in their
home… absent fathers!

I was prayed for in class concerning this generational pattern over my family; then one of the class leaders prayed a Father’s Blessing over me! Life changed! Within two hours of getting home after class, my phone rang…it was my father calling…after 25 years! Praise God! He was cleaning out some old papers and found a letter that I had written him when I was a teenager…and he was ‘prompted’ to try to contact me. We talked like life had never separated us.

I will never forget our first visit, God made it so special. My Heavenly Father knew that in my heart I wanted to also receive a father’s blessing from my earthly father, but since he is not a believer, I did not know how to ask for it. Yet while we talked and talked, my dad began to pour out his love over me, he repented for not being there for me those many years and told me of all the good things he always dreamed for me in my life…he didn’t know it, but he was giving me my father’s blessing!

Since then I have visited with my dad several times (he lives in Nevada and I am in Georgia) and talk on the phone often. I know God is drawing him to Him and I pray for my dad’s salvation. There is a completeness in my life now with the restoration of my relationship with my dad. And, thank you Father God, it all began with the Father’s Blessing!

Kathleen Hagler

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